7 CRITICAL Elder Care Legal Tips

Legal News
Issue 9 Volume 2
July 2013

7 CRITICAL Elder Care Legal Tips

It is vital to begin planning for long-term elder care well before the onset of a health crisis. There are many things to consider, including quality of care, proximity to family and friends, types of service and cost. With careful planning and the help of your LegalShield provider law firm you may be able to avoid some of the common challenges associated with the transition to nursing home care.

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5 Things You MUST Know About Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice happens when a health care provider’s care is negligent and does not conform to the standard, accepted practice of the medical profession in the community and causes a patient’s injury or death. Medical malpractice cases are often expensive to bring to court and incredibly time consuming. If you feel you have been the victim of medical malpractice contact your LegalShield provider law firm today.

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ANNOUNCEMENT: LegalShield Online Exclusive – Just For Members!

The LegalShield Membership you trust and rely on just got a little better! We’ve begun a multi-phase upgrade of our online support site, called “Members Only.” We’re excited to announce that the first phase is complete. You can login today atwww.mylegalshield.com, and see what’s new!

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The content of this newsletter is intended for general information purposes only, and is not legal advice. Readers should be aware that while certain principles outlined on this site may be similar to principles followed in their own state or province, laws can vary considerably. © Copyright 2012 Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. d/b/a LegalShield&#8480 One Pre-Paid Way, Ada, Oklahoma 74820www.mylegalshield.com


Who Are You? Could You Prove It?

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When IDT* meets AOS**
Deciphering IDT-related Acronyms
Whenever identity theft is discussed, various entities and laws are referenced and often identified by only a set of letters. Avoid feeling like you are drowning in alphabet soup by learning what some of the most common initials identify and how that entity or law is helpful to a victim of identity theft.
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Who are You? 
Could You Prove Your Identity if You Had to?
Did you know that, should you become a victim of identity theft, one of the first hurdles you’ll face in trying to resolve the problems caused by the thief is actually proving you are you? How prepared are you to provide proof of your name, Social Security number, address history, and other pertinent information?
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Quick Tip:
National “Secure Your ID” Day 
This Saturday (April 20, 2013) Better Business Bureaus across North America will host identity theft prevention events featuring FREE on-site shredding. Their advice . . . If you don’t need it, shred it – responsibly.
To find a “Secure Your ID” Day event near you, click HERE.

What You Are Saying:
“I experienced sincere concern and empathy from [my Investigator]. He brought great comfort to a terrifying situation which is still on going. He stayed on the phone with me while I drove to a police substation. Thank you!” – Member in SD 
You do a lot of good work. Please keep it up! I felt at ease after reporting the incident and nothing has happened to me since!” – Member in AZ
“The man with whom I spoke was a good listener, he spoke with confidence and assured me that all was well and my world would go on as usual! (I believe this man could look on the bright side of a tornado!) I’m glad he was on the receiving end of my call.”   Member in MO
“I was very shook up when I called to report what I was dealing with; as I was discussing my possibilities of becoming a victim [my Investigator] made the information very clear to understand what I needed to do. When we finished with the call I felt SAFE and wanted to give [my Investigator] a big hug of a THANK YOU! I felt so confident to say LegalShield and Kroll are taking care of it.”  – Member in CA
“[My Investigator] was fantastic. I appreciated her immediate availability and expertise. She figured out my problem and told me how to fix it. Thanks!” – Member in GA 

Identity Theft Plan

Recognizing Tax-Related Identity Theft
Would you know it if you saw it?
Investigators are already fielding calls about identity theft relating to tax returns. The filing of fraudulent tax returns, popular among idenity theives, can, at a minimum, create an inconvenience for the identity theft victim and in other circumstances create significant hardship.
In this Investigator Insight, we share how to recognize signs of tax-related identity theft and 5 tips to reduce your risk of falling victim to it.
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Suspicious IRS-Themed Communication
Is it really from the IRS?
Continuing with the taxes and identity theft theme, ourInvestigator Tips for the month give direction for responding to suspicious communications that seem to be coming from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
These communications may reach you by email, websites, phone, paper by mail or fax, and/or text message. Learn what is likely a fraudulent communication and how to share the item with the real IRS.
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Quick Tip:
Shred! Shred! Shred! 
Shred anything you throw away that contains sensitive personal information. This will reduce the likelihood that someone will succeed in making use of information they find in your trash.

What You Are Saying:
She was very helpful providing information on how my IRS identity theft claim would proceed.” – Member in CA
“When the state of South Carolina announced that the State Department of Revenue had been breached and that nearly 4 million records compromised, many people panicked. I’m not worried; I’ve got [LegalShield] in place and have had it for years. Still resting easy, because of this service.” – Member in SC
“There are times in our life that we feel frightened and vulnerable. Having entities like Shield make people like me hopeful of being protected. It has been a good decision to keep our membership with you.”  – Member in TX
“My Investigator went above and beyond making sure that I understood what exactly was going on in every aspect of the process. I really felt confident that he cared about my situation.”  – Member in AL
“I called on behalf of an $824.23 charge on my debit card a few days before Christmas and was in a stalemate with BestBuy and Visa until I called [LegalShield]. My Investigator told me about the FCRA and the next day I got every penny back! Thank you for a great Christmas!” – Member in FL

Smartphone Security Tips


Smartphone Security

Own a Smartphone?
What have you done about security?
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), being aware of the number of smartphones gifted during the 2012 holiday season (more than 20 million according to a recent FCC blog post), has announced new tools to help consumers keep their smartphones – or at least the data on the phones – secure.
This month’s Investigator Insight provides information on the new FCC Smartphone Security Checker.
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Lost or Stolen Mobile Devices
New Resources for Reporting Lost or Stolen
Mobile Devices
The FCC, in coordination with participating wireless service providers, has created a new resource for consumers to use to report a lost or stolen device as well as a database that will prevent stolen phones from being reactivated on a mobile network.
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Quick Tip:
Clean out your purse or wallet!
Remove items containing sensitive information that you don’t need on a regular basis, including your Social Security card. Carry that card only on days that you will need to use it.

What You Are Saying:
“The Investigator put my mind at ease and assured me that there are laws designed to help me!” – Member in GA
“I was very very impressed when my Investigator, after assisting me, forwarded me to the consumer reporting agency to handle my case immediately. That experience helped me put my mind at ease and later that same day my blood pressure dropped by 30/12. Thanks!”  – Member in NY
“My Investigator, Lezlie, reassured me and after speaking to her, I felt confident the proper steps were in place to manage this problem. Thanks!” – Member in TX

Top 5 Legal Tips of 2012

Top 5 Legal Tips of 2012

From auto accidents to scams and cell phone spam, we provided tips on a wide range of topics in 2012. This top 5 list includes our most popular and helpful tips of the year. If you have questions about these or any other legal matters contact your LegalShield provider law firm today.

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Hit-and-Run Accidents:
What Victims NEED to Know

Hit-and-run accidents leave victims feeling helpless. What can the police do? What will insurance cover? These tips are designed to help you in the aftermath of a hit-and-run auto accident. If you have been involved in any type of auto accident call your LegalShield provider law firm today.

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7 Tips for Stopping Cyber Bullies

Today, online bullying is a reality for adults and teens alike. The personal nature of social networking, the ability to broadcast information to large groups of people in seconds and the bully’s feeling of anonymity can make this type of harassment particularly damaging and hurtful. These tips are designed to help you prevent and/or stop cyber bullies.

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The content of this newsletter is intended for general information purposes only, and is not legal advice. Readers should be aware that while certain principles outlined on this site may be similar to principles followed in their own state or province, laws can vary considerably. © Copyright 2012 Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. d/b/a LegalShield One Pre-Paid Way, Ada, Oklahoma 74820 www.mylegalshield.com

Holiday Tips

Consumer Tips for the Holidays

Protecting Your Identity during the
Holiday Season
It’s once again the time of year when consumers are making plans to visit relatives, host festive get-togethers, and, of course, hit the stores (or computer) for some shopping. Unfortunately, the flurry of activity that goes hand-in-hand with the holidays presents a prime opportunity for a data thief to practice his trade. With that in mind, put the protection of sensitive personal information at the top of your holiday to-do list.
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Legal Tips for Holiday Shopping, Visiting the ER, and Avoiding Scams

7 Legal Tips for Holiday Shopping

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner consumers and retailers are ready to kick the holiday shopping season into high gear. Before you head out for the big sale or start shopping online, read these tips for safe and secure holiday shopping.

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What You Need to Know
Before an ER Visit

Unfortunately, visits to the emergency room often increase during the holidays. While it is impossible to predict an ER visit, there are a few tips that can help you prepare in advance of an emergency. If you have any questions, call your LegalShield provider law firm today.

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5 Holiday Scams to Avoid

With the holiday season upon us it isn’t just retailers looking to turn a profit. Scammers exploit the spirit of the holidays to help separate victims from their money. Many of these scams are used throughout the year but are given a new twist for the holidays. If you have any questions about a transaction or feel you may be the victim of a scam contact your LegalShield provider law firm today.

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The content of this newsletter is intended for general information purposes only, and is not legal advice. Readers should be aware that while certain principles outlined on this site may be similar to principles followed in their own state or province, laws can vary considerably. © Copyright 2012 Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. d/b/a LegalShield℠ One Pre-Paid Way, Ada, Oklahoma 74820www.mylegalshield.com

Identity Theft Shield

Investigator Insight:
Identity Theft and College Students
Typically, those entering college are also entering a new level of personal responsibility. Some of those responsibilities are more obvious than others.
Here, Kroll Advisory Solutions shares important information to give a college student insight and advice related to responsible handling of their personal identifiers.
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For questions about your membership, please contactLegalShield Customer Care at 1-888-494-8519
Investigator Insight:
When “Close” Isn’t Good Enough
Misinformation is extremely dangerous when responding to an identity theft situation. Like a bit of truth that gets changed each time it is shared, the truth about any aspect of identity theft can end up grossly misrepresented once it is repeated many times.
For example, here is a common misrepresentation that is the mixture of both fact and fiction:
If a victim of identity theft does not report the theft of his or her identity within 48 hours, then he or she could be held liable for all debts created by the identity thief after that time.
click HERE to read the Insight.

Quick Tip #3:
In this third installment of quick tips, we share insight to help you better manage
your personal identifying information.
Set up security features on your electronic devices, including phones, laptops, and computer tablets. Use locking mechanisms and set pass codes that are not easily guessed. This will help protect the sensitive personal information stored on these devices.

Investigator Alert!
Investigators are receiving calls about a virus posing as an FBI alert, freezing computers and alarming users across the country. Infected computers display a shocking pop-up that tells owners they have illegal materials on their PCs and demands a $200 fine.*
How the Scam Works:
Computers infected with the FBI MoneyPak malware display a message using the FBI seal and citing several legal documents. “Your PC is blocked due to at least one of the reasons below,” reads the message. The reasons include owning/distributing copyrighted material, pornography or malware.
To unlock the computer, the virus demands a fine (amounts vary from $100 to $300) that must be paid with MoneyPak, a way to send cash without a bank account. It threatens criminal action against those who don’t pay within three days.
The FBI calls the virus Reveton. Unlike many viruses that activate when users open a file or attachment, this one can install itself when users simply click on a compromised website.
What to Do if Your Computer is Infected:
  • Do not pay any money or provide any personal information
  • Only the most computer-savvy users will be able to remove the virus without help. See Microsoft’s “Security Essentials” and select the “I think my computer is infected” option to contact a support person in your area. You can also search for computer repair shops at BBB.org.
  • Be aware that even if you are able to unfreeze your computer on your own, the malware might still operate in the background.
For More Information:
See the FBI’s scams webpage for more information and updates on the scam.
*taken from information directly from the Better Business Bureau

6 Legal Tips to Secure Your Smartphone

The number of Americans using smartphones is rising dramatically. As smartphone speed and technology improve, individuals are using their phone to access personal information. Many users now access and manage business and personal email as well as banking and other financial data from their phone. This can make a hacked or stolen phone a one-stop shop for would-be thieves and scammers. These tips will help protect personal information on your phone.

  1. Set a screen lock and password for your phone. Leaving your phone without a password is asking for trouble.
  2. Enable the remote location feature on your phone. This may help you track a lost or stolen phone. Not all phones have this feature built in, but there are apps available for purchase. Some will allow you to remove personal information from your phone after it has been stolen.
  3. Only allow your phone to join trusted networks. Scammers sometimes set up fake wireless networks in public places to lure users into joining the network. This may allow the scammer to track any data to and from your phone.
  4. Update your phone’s software. Software updates frequently include security patches. Failing to update your phones software may leave you vulnerable to hackers.
  5. Do not “jail-break” your phone. The practice of “jail-breaking” a phone involves opening up the operating system to applications that were not designed to work on it. This will make your phone vulnerable to hackers.
  6. Only download well-reviewed and tested applications. Some apps may include malicious software designed to capture your personal information.

If you have been the victim of a scam call your LegalShield provider law firm today.

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